Greatest Hits – LP’S

Titel: Back Sides
Land: England
Label: Pink Frost Records MS 1
Extras: Unofficial
Erstveröffentlichung: 1990
Cover Foto:
Titelliste: Back Sides
  • A1 December Will Be Magic Again
  • A2 Warm And Soothing
  • A3 Ran Tan Waltz
  • A4 Full House
  • A5 The Empty Building
  • B1 Burning Bridge
  • B2 Not This Time
  • B3 The Handsome Cabin Boy
  • B4 Under The Ivy
  • B5 The Big Sky

Card Picture Sleeve. Schwarze Labels.

Titel: Passing Through Air
Land: Amerika
Label: Rock Solid KB 1A-B 2A-B
Extras: Unofficial – 2 LP’S
Erstveröffentlichung: 1980er Jahre
Cover Foto:
Titelliste: Passing Through Air
  • A1 Cloudbusting (Rare Video Mix)
  • A2 Hounds Of Love (Live)
  • A3 Experiment IV (Extended Mix)
  • A4 Handsome Cabin Boy
  • A5 My Lagan Love
  • B1 Burning Bridge
  • B2 Not This Time
  • B3 Big Sky (Astrological Mix)
  • B4 Under The Ivy
  • C1 The Wedding List (Live)
  • C2 Running Up That Hill (Instrumental)
  • C3 Hounds Of Love (Alternate Version)
  • C4 The Empty Bullring
  • C5 Dreamtime
  • D1 Cloudbusting (The Organon Mix)
  • D2 Passing Through Air
  • D3 Lord Of The Reedy River
  • D4 Warm & Soothing
  • D5 Let It Be (Live)

2 LP’S im laminierten Card Picture Sleeve. Orangefarbene / Gelbe Labels.